In computer science, a linear search or sequential search is a method for finding an element within a list. It sequentially checks each element of the list until a match is found or the whole…

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C MCQ ‘s On Bitwise Operator

We daily add Multiple Choice Questions for placement preparation questions and technical interview preparation on the Instagram page. Check the Instagram account: Instagram Shout Coders Recommended Posts- Recommended Posts – PRACTICAL APPROACH TO MACHINE LEARNING INTRODUCTION…

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C Program to check prime number

C Program to Check a number is a Prime number or not.

C Program to check prime number is one of the most important questions form the placement point of view. If you will go for an interview in any IT company, there are very chances that…

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C Program of Palindrome number

C Program to check a number is Palindrome or not.

If you have just started learning C programming and want to write a C Program of Palindrome number. We have come up with the solution to your problems. If you do not know how to…

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Types of operators in C Language

Types of Operators in C Language –

C is a general-purpose, structured programming language. It is reliable, easy to use that’s the reason it becomes one of the popular languages. Definition of Operator – Operator is defined as a function that operates…

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C Program to reverse a number

C Program to reverse a number

In this program, we will take a number from the user and will write a sequence of codes to find the reverse of a number. C Program to reverse a number is one of the…

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Structure of C Program

How to run the first code in C language?

If you have just started learning C Program and want to write your first program. If you are just a pure beginner and no nothing about C language. Read the article Introduction To C Language….

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Difference between c and c++

Whether you are preparing for a technical interview or you want to know for general knowledge? If you want to know every single difference between both languages. This article is for you. After analyzing many…

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