SAP Labs Scholar Program Mock Test & Important Interview Questions

Sap Scholar Interview Questions

Hey Shouters!! Today we have come up with the must-do topics for Scholar@Sap Online Test and Sap Scholar Interview Questions for clearing the Interview easily.

My name is Akshay Sharma and I have cleared the Scholar@Sap 2019 and have got a job offer from the company.

As I have cleared the SAP Labs Scholar, I consider myself capable of giving you the direction to ace the interview.

At the end of this blog, I have also created five Mock Test Series for giving you a preview of the Online Test that will be the first round in the placement.

Also, I created a list of Interview Questions that were asked to the students in the previous year’s interview.

This will give you an overview of the important topics that you need to focus on for the Online test and for the interviews as well.

What is Scholar@SAP Program?

Scholar@Sap is a special type of Offer that is provided by SAP Labs to the B.Tech Students of Computer Science and Electronics field. This offer is also present for BCA students.

This program is also known as the Work- Integrated Study Program. In this offer, the candidate will work on industry technologies and will pursue his post-graduation.

For B.Tech Students – Sap will provide fully sponsored M.Tech in Software Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani and you will also work for the company projects and will be given a stipend of 25,000 monthly.

For BCA Students- The students will get fully Sponsored M.Tech in Software Engineering in BITS, Pilani of four years. In first two years students will get a stipend of 16,500 and in last two years will get 25,000 monthly

After the successful completion of the M.Tech, the students will get a permanent job offer through an interview that will be according to the performance. The package will be 8-12 LPA after selection.

Placement Process of Scholar@Sap-

The Scholar@Sap placement will be conducted in four rounds and each round will be eliminating round.

  1. Online Test Duration(1 hour)
  2. Technical Interview-1
  3. Technical Interview-2
  4. HR Interview

What will be in the Test-

The duration of the online test is of 1 hour and one has to work efficiently to solve the test and clear this round.

The online test will be considering:

  1. 15 Multiple Choice Questions Based on Programming
  2. 2 Coding Questions of Average Difficulty

NO Question will be asked on Aptitude and Quantitative Reasoning.

Important Topics for Online Test-

These topics are according to the previous year’s online test and can be changed according to the Company.

  1. C/C++ Logical Concepts (Pointers, Loops, Operators, Input-Output questions)
  2. Java Collection Framework (Hashmap, HashTree, BitSet, Set, Linked Lists )
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms(Arrays, Linked List, Trees, and Graphs)
  4. SQL Database Queries( Basic Queries, Joins, Normalization, Triggers)
  5. Javascript and Unix Basic Questions

For Coding Questions-

  1. Try to practice on HackerRank as the test will be on Hackerrank.
  2. Learn Basic Competitive concepts
  3. Problem Solving on Hacker rank.

Interview Questions for Technical Rounds-

After clearing the Online test, the interview process will start and every interview will be a eliminating round.

In this section, we will cover all the important technical questions that you may be asked in your interviews.

  1. Write a C/C++ Program to Implement Linked List.
  2. Delete the nth Element in Linked List.
  3. Create tables in SQL for a Departmental Store like Walmart.
  4. Find the largest Number without using Relational Operator
  5. Find the Kth largest number in the Linked List
  6. What is the difference between C and C++?
  7. Program to find the odd/even Without Using Modulus Operator.
  8. Explain the Object-Oriented Concepts with practical examples.
  9. What are Joins in SQL and explain its types?
  10. What is Normalization?
  11. Program to swap two numbers without using third variable
  12. Find the unique characters in a String
  13. What is Dynamic Programming and applications
  14. What is Breadth-First Search Traversal in Tree
  15. Puzzles based on Permutations and Combinations
  16. Explain triggers in SQL
  17. Array Sorting Algorithms (Bubble, Heap, Quick, Radix and more)
  18. Explain Primary and Foreign Key and relation between them.
  19. Find the number of repeating characters and their count in a string.
  20. Converting a number from Decimal System to Binary System
  21. Questions on C/C++ language like (Dynamic Memory Allocation, Pointers, Structures, Unions, Storage Classes, Friend Function, Static Functions, destructor)
  22. Java Questions (OOPS, Thread, Collection Framework, Synchronization, JDBC and more)
  23. Prepare your Projects well, Questions may be asked from it as well.

Questions For HR Round-

After clearing the technical round-1 and technical round-2, the next round will be the HR round.

HR round will be a rapid-fire question/ answer round. The agenda of this round is to check your awareness about the company, Pressure Handling Capacity, and Communication skills.

I will suggest that try to prepare all the common HR questions before the Campus Placements Starts. It will give you confidence.

  1. Tell us Unique things about yourself.
  2. Where is BITS Pilani situated? (HR told that 95% of people said Dubai. It is in Rajasthan)
  3. Tell us your Weaknesses and How will you overcome them?
  4. Do you SAP ERP or SAP HANA? [Try to read a little about them]
  5. How will you cope up with the IT industry?
  6. Why do you want to join SAP LABS?
  7. They will ask about the job offers you have.[Do not lie about that ever]
  8. Questions based on your skills
  9. Basic Questions about family and their occupation.
  10. Questions on your hobbies, passion and extra skills apart from study

For clearing the HR round, study about the company and the areas where it is working offers details and the basic HR questions.

Mock Tests for SAP@Scholar 2020-

These mock tests are designed for giving you a preview of the Scholar@SAP. The difficulty level can be changed according to the company guidelines.

After completing the mock test, give your valuable feedback and ask your questions on Instagram Shout Coders or Facebook Shout Coders

  1. SAP Scholar MCQ Test-1
  2. SAP Scholar MCQ Test-2
  3. SAP Scholar MCQ Test-3
  4. Sap Scholar MCQ Test-4
  5. Sap Scholar MCQ Test-5

After completing this series of mock tests, you should work more on the concepts you are not good at and then try the mock test again.
If you have any questions regarding the SAP Labs Interview process. Comment down the queries now.

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10 thoughts on “SAP Labs Scholar Program Mock Test & Important Interview Questions

  1. Hiii, my question is regarding the online test
    You asked there is no quantitative nd logical reasoning apptitude que In online assesment test
    But i would searched many videos in which they ask there is apptitude que in online test plz clear my doubt, so that i will prepare for those topics which u mentioned above.

    1. Hey Kajal!! You must be searching for the SAP LABS Online test and that is different from Scholar@SAP Online Test.
      From the last two years, there is no question based on Reasoning and Aptitude.

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