Data Structures and Algorithms

Hey Shouters !! Today, we will see various data structures in programming languages.

I hope all of you are doing absolutely fine and in this blog we will be doing some discussion of data structure which will make you even finer.

Whenever we listen to word data structure the first thing that comes to our mind is its difficulty. I would suggest you keep patience and try to understand the funda behind data structure as it uses only common sense for its implementation and after these blogs, you will be able to understand data structure in a better and easy way.

What is data structure?

It is basically structuring of data in memory i.e. how the data should be stored in the memory efficiently. There are various types of data structures which are used for storing different type of data. Different data structures are used for storing different types of data.

Types of data structure

According to the way the data is inserted in data structures. There are two types of data structures –

  1. Linear – Elements are attached one after other e.g. linked list, stacks, etc.
  2. Non-linear– elements are attached in hierarchical order e.g. trees, graphs.

Various data structures

Now there are various data structure which are used to store data in the memory efficiently. They are –

  1. Linked List
  2. Stacks
  3. Queues
  4. Heaps
  5. Graphs etc.

Its completely on the programmer’s wish that which data structure he needs for his program and which will give the best results for him and to choose the best data structure we must know how the data structure is implemented, its basic algorithm. We will learn the implementation of each of them in our further blogs.

In the following blogs we will be discussing each of these data structures in detail.

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Happy learnings!!!!!!!

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