Free Flutter Course to Learn App Development in 2020

Hey Shouters!! Today we are providing the free flutter course to our users to increase their productivity and ease the development.

What is Flutter-

Flutter is a framework of Dart Programming language and is built by the most trusted and success full IT company Google.

Flutter is going to become one of the most popular languages in the coming years.

This is because of the capability of the language to built Android Apps, IOS Apps, Web Apps, and Websites. With just writing the code for one of the above areas, we can create all of the others within a few times.

Features of Flutter Framework-

Apart from the ability to built all the major types of apps and websites. It has also following features:

1. Easy to Learn and Use-

Flutter is way more simpler than the Kotlin, Swift and other web-development languages.

The experience of mobile development it provides is far better than other out there.

Flutter is a very new framework and is made to ease the development of mobile applications. So, it becomes easy to get use to it and build a application.

2. Fast Rendering and Better Development-

It is very easy to do changes in the flutter framework and you need not to wait for long time to get the code compiled.

Flutter provides an enriched way to increase the productivity and reduce the time of development and cost involved.

3. Quality of Documentation-

In most of the languages it becomes very difficult to read the documentation and get the main points from it.

Flutter provides an excellent documentation and increases the ease of user development .

Udemy Free Flutter Course-

Due to the Covid-19, most of the countries have implemented the lock-down and to improve the skills of students in this situation.

Udemy is providing free courses in many areas.

Flutter is going to be the technology of Application development in the upcoming years.

It becomes very important for the students or developers to have the skills in your portfolio.

Click the Button given and enroll in the free flutter course and become the application developer in a period of 1-2 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any certificate of completion after the course

No, as this is a free course and Udemy does not provide any of the free course a certification.

Is Flutter easy to learn and develop apps

Yes, it is quite easy as compared to the other programming language for developing apps.

Will there be more job opportunities for Flutter Developers

Yes, with the improve in the language. Many companies are going to hire flutter developers in the year 2020-2021.

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