“My English is very week” are never be used it before, after following this steps.


At first, Practice English pronunciation capability. That is there are two, try to speak it loudly.

  1. I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch
    2. Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better

Tongue twister are a great way to practice and improve pronunciation and fluency. Say them as quickly as you can. To be a master, You need practice. For more practice, go through this link:


If you want free English video lessons then go with this link : https://www.engvid.com/

The right steps to learn English is starts from here. This steps are for every learner.

Note: Every steps have some time periods, Do follow as written as mentioned. You can practice more but not less.

Important Of Entertainment

Without entertainment, we do not have any refreshments in our life. It plays a very big role in living a normal and happy life. Entertainment brings happiness, which is the most powerful medicine that helps to keep our mental health and well-being.

Video Games Are Officially The World’s Most Popular Form Of Entertainment.

We hope that, A big difference within 1 month you can acheive happily by doing some small things. Like Stop playing unnecessary games, rather than use the time to learn english (like how to teach english) and watch English fairy tails (for entertainment), helps you a lot.

Have fun with English.

To learn English effectively, At first we need to select specific entertainment things, not all.

Time and Tide wait for None.

  1. Try To Read English Words As Much As You Can

In our house, We have grammar books where letters and paragraphs are best examples for building your vocabulary. There are English newspapers and lot of many resources too like websites, articles etc.

DURATION: This practice you must do everyday, like read 1(one) paragraph or letter in regular basis.

BENEFIT: Knowledge on new vocabulary.
Knowledge on stories.

  1. Try To Pronounce Correctly

There are many words you can learn from a simple English Test book or Grammar book, No need to buy any English book at beginning.

This link helps you to do better pronunciation. Link: https://www.howtopronounce.com/

You can download CAKE APP (rather than the gaming apps), where lots of English speaking clips makes you an excellent English speaker.

This is because people cannot pronounce every words fluently. To do it fluently, Pronunciation is important.

DURATION: This practice you must do everyday.

Up to this, You do all of the above steps regularly.

  1. Try To Talk In English Using Translation Technique

“Understand, but can’t speak English” is a problem. To solve this you must need another head, who gives some time for your practice. But, We does not need anybody until or unless we have our smartphones. Using smartphones we can do it.

Download: You can download CAKE APP and DUOLINGO APP, where lots of English speaking clips makes you an excellent English speaker.

  1. Reload Your Own Motivation As Simple As Do

You can reload your own motivation by watching YouTube English fairy tails, car reviews in English, mobile review in English, and so on.

You can on caption to read those lines and focus on how to spoke those words.

Don’t waste your internet by watching some wrong content.

DURATION: This practice you must do everyday(1 or 2 videos i.e. 15 mins minimum).
Up to this, You do all of the above steps regularly.

BENEFITS: You know many English content creators who works very good and can build a great impact on your life.

By following these steps you can build your own attitude and make a clear path of your dream career.

  1. Practice Some Grammars

A lot of sentences are there in present, past or future tenses, to know inner time of the sentence, you need some practice on that.

Many YouTube videos are there where you can learn English Grammars.

Not all at this stage. But only tense.

After doing it. You can go for a list where your loving things are there.

DURATION: Take 2 weeks to learn Tenses at a beginning level.

  1. Own Choice And Own Rules


“Make some rules of your life”
You can make some rules like ‘I must not abuse Internet.’, ‘My favorite color is _’, ‘My favorite place is ‘, and so on.

Make your own choices as much fields you can put yourself, do it. You can understand things too in everyone’s’ life like ‘Money’.

‘Money is a thing which comes at a time and goes at another time. so, Don’t be a Fool of thinking about money. It’s not permanent. but, Happiness is.’

DURATION: As comes in your mind do a note on it inside a copy or Diary. And always remember those rules.

Everyone Have Their Own Rules For Living And Surviving.”

BENEFIT: You can understand your inner soul, and get confidence to interact with people.
In Interview, Many hard questions can easily be solved by following this step.

  1. Practice Some Grammers Part 2

Now you can start grammar practicing in depth. Do and Directed, Parts of Speech, Voice Change, Letter and paragraph writing patterns, and much more are there, do one by one. To get a path, you can follow 1 or 2 Youtube channels.

DURATION: Take 3 months to learn it 1 by 1.

BENEFITS: All Grammar mistakes are clear. Get more confidence.
Get a good job.
Rearrange your painful life into a life where failures means learning nothing else.

  1. Definitions

There are many types of Communication, know about them. Barriers of communication, Inter personal and Intra personal communication are most important chapters that you can go through it.

DURATION: Take some time to learn these things. Do follow first few steps regularly.

  1. One Word Substitution

To express many things takes much much time, but after learning one-word substitution, You can use them in your speech.

DURATION: Take Time on it and learn with first few steps.

BENEFITS: Knowledge is comes, Get satisfaction and confidence.

  1. Make Some Presentations And Present This

As per your own knowledge, make Presentations and Present this with confidence.

DURATION: Monthly 1 Presentation is okay.

BENEFIT: Public speaking, Stage speaking relative fears are gone side by side.
Enjoy your habits more than i written.

  1. Buy English Books and Upgrade Your Skills

Upto this if you follow all those steps then you got very clear vision about your surroundings after that you must upgrade yourself to know the universe.

DURATION: As your own mind set

BENEFIT: Long term and short term both you can get.

  1. English Movies with Caption, English Songs etc. etc.

Knowing what’s going on to this world is good, but attection only on English is bad. Learn Germany language instead or learn much more things, instead of wasting time.

BENEFIT: You got the oppotunity to take a job so why you move to become a circus clown.”

  1. Pass your learning ideas and experiences to other.
  2. Make your own questions
  3. Perticipate on Debates
  4. Play Games and learn more with policies and terms and conditions.

There are many shotcuts i.e. following the last step and doing some grammer with vocabulary and pronunciation, you may be a master too.

But, Making your Environment takes some time. So, keep doing from first step to last, and if you get any help to learn english effectively, Then please comment below and share.

Learning a language is not so difficult, you can do all these steps in your home. No need to go outside.
No need to buy many english books at beggining.

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