Data Structure and algorithms

If you are going for an interview with the IT company. After clearing the initial Aptitude and Reasoning test or Group Discussion. The next round will be the technical round.

In a technical interview, you will face some Coding questions. Most of the coding related questions will be from Data Structures and Algorithms.

Shout Coders have come up with the best questions and easiest way of implementation. Understand each and every article carefully and you will ace your upcoming interview.

Implementation of Data Structures

  1. What is a Data Structure?
  2. Introduction To the Arrays
  3. Linked List Implementation in C/C++ Language
  4. Introduction To Stacks
  5. Adding all elements of an array in C
  6. Top 25+ Basic Data Structures Interview Questions
  7. Program To find Kth Largest number in a Linked List

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