Word Guessing Game Step by Step Guide in Python

Word Guessing game in Python

Hey Shouters!! Today we have come up with the Word Guessing Game in Python. For making your learning more fun-oriented.

Python is now one of the best programming languages. Many good games can be made using python 3. Here I am presenting you a Word guessing game.

If you are a total beginner, Check Beginners Guide to Learn the Basics of Python.

Complete Source is at the end of article

How Word Guessing Game Works-

Firstly, We made an output to find out how my code should look like after execution.

Step By Step Guide for the Game-

  1. If user gets the word

2. If user couldn’t guess the word

What you need here is Module Random to make the game interesting.
random.choice() is an operation in random that can help us taking different words randomly

How this function works?

It can pick an element from our list randomly, and that’s what we need here


In this code, I have used two more modules
These were not necessary but are important to make the game nice.

1. First is time, for its function time.sleep(seconds)

It makes the program wait until the seconds given in the argument as an integer value.


2. Second is sys, It is because our program could take time and if the user gets bored he should be able to quit and a function by sys is very useful here, that is, sys.exit()


By going through the logic the code should look like this.

Hope You understand the basic logic 🙂

If you understood the above code then you can move on to my complete code in next page

Complete Source Code for Word Guessing game-

This is the complete source code for the word guessing game in python. You can run this code on your device and can get the desired one.

But, I recommend trying to learn the steps first and then write the code yourself.

If you run this code, the password for running the code is 1234.

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