Kth largest number in linked List

Here, today we are going to find the Nth largest number in a linked list. We will be solving it with the help of a two step strategy Sort the Linked List. Traverse to the…

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install python IDLE editor

Install Python IDLE Editor in Windows, Linux, and Mac

Hey Shouters!! Today we will learn how to install python IDLE editor in Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. What is the Python Language?  Python is one of the fastest programming languages. It was created by Guido Van…

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Python Program to check palindrome number

Python Program to Check a Palindrome Number or Not

Hey Shouters !! Today we have come up with the Python Program to check a palindrome number. If you are a complete beginner and do not how to write a code in python, please check…

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C MCQ on Logical Operators

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