Capgemini’s new pattern for the Hiring Process.

Recently Capgemini change their password? No! no! They change their hiring process. Some new questions and topics are there. Let’s know what is those patterns.

The new process which will discussed here is based on information gathered online and offline. If there are any change then we will be updating it periodically. This article is for those 2021 pass-out who aiming to land a job in Capgemini.



In 1967, Capgemini Company was established. Capgemini has nearly 200,000 employees and has offices in around 40 countries. IT consulting, Management consulting, Cloud infrastructure & consulting are some of the major services provided by Capgemini.


Capgemini visits a number of colleges and universities to hire those students who match their company criteria. This year, They come with a programme named Capgemini Exceller. The job role offered for freashers of 2021 batch is as follows.

Senior Analyst3.8 LPA
The eligibility criteria is as follows.
DegreeBE/ B Tech
StreamsCS, IT and Circuit
Minimum Academic Record60% in Academics (X, XII and Graduation) with no active backlogs
Gap AllowedMax 1 year between XII and first year of graduation


Capgemini Recruitment Process for 2021 Batch Freshers

There are a total of 5 rounds with some classic and advanced level questions. Scroll and Scroll. Questions and Answers are in Google Drive, Link is given.


  1. Technical Assessment – Pseudo Code

This Pseudo Code section makes every student nervous. In this nervousness they tests students ability to answer Questions. Questions are easy. To clear this round every student must be practice at home with these kind of problems. This is an MCQ round consisted of 25 questions to be answered in 25 minutes.

Check out Capgemini Pseudocode MCQs Questions and Answers:


  1. MCQ Based English Communication Test

The Essay Writing round has replaced with this round. To clear this round every student must be practice at home with these kind of problems.

VocabularySynonyms Antonyms
GrammarSubject-Verb Agreement
Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Verb Time Sequence/ Tenses
Voices and Speech
ReasoningReading Comprehension
Cloze Passage
Critical Reasoning

Check out Coursera course for Improve your English Communication Skills. Link:


  1. Game Based Aptitude Test

This is the most exciting new round in the Capgemini Recruitment Process – Game-Based Aptitude Test. It is expected to be a series of 4 games that one must solve. Here are the different types of questions that appear here. To clear this round every student must be practice at home with this kind of problem.

GameType of Questions which appearDuration (Minutes)
Deductive Logical ThinkingFinding the missing symbol/ visual in a grid based on a rule-based logic6
Inductive Logical ThinkingVisual Based Questions of the type where you are expected to find which pair of figures follow the same rule as given by a pair in the question6
Grid ChallengeThe ability to focus your attention is measured.
Question types are:
Symmetry check between two different grids
Recalling the sequence of tasks
Motion ChallengeThe ability to plan ahead is measured.
Has puzzles where you must find the path between two points in a maze – in the least number of moves possible. You can solve as many puzzles as you want.

Check out Capgemini Game Based Aptitude Questions and Answers Link:


  1. Behavioral Competency Profiling

The Adaptive Employee Personality Test also called ADEPT-15. This round is a personality psychometric intended to measure work-related behaviour.

  • The assessment is composed of pairs of statements.
  • You need to indicate which one you agree with more.
  • There will be 5 pairs of statements on each screen.
  • You cannot skip any item to continue to the next page.

To clear this round every student must be practice at home with these kind of problems. This round is not an elimination round.


  1. Technical and HR Interview

Technical Interview :

To clear this round every student must be practice english communication at home with these kind of problems and think in english. Capgemini focuses on analyzing your application skills & knowledge of technology. You can expect these kind of questions given below,

Projects you have worked on: Make sure you know in and out of every project that is mentioned in your resume. Right from the logic to components used if any and also the flow/circuit diagram.

The subject of Interest: Before getting into technical questions, you will be asked about your favorite subjects/subjects of interest. All the questions in this interview will be focused on testing your knowledge in those subjects.

Check out Capgemini Technical Interview Questions


HR Interview :

To clear this round every student must be practice english communication at home. At this time, Students are tests for pressure handling and basic knowledge of Technical Field.

Be prepared for common HR interview questions like:

Tell us about yourself.
What is your expectation with respect to the role?
Why Capgemini?

Check out commonly asked HR interview questions


Apart from these typical requirements, your potential will also be judged throughout all the rounds for these basic skills, that are

Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Basic Knowledge of Technical Field
Good Aptitude Skills
Good Professional Aptitude
Pressure Handling

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