C & C++

C and C++ are the simplest and primary languages to learn. When some start his programming career most people learn c or c++

C Programs

  1. Introduction to C language
  2. Structure of C program
  3. C Program to add two numbers
  4. Program to Calculate the average of three numbers
  5. C Program to compare two variables
  6. C Program to find the largest numbers
  7. C Program to Check the number is positive or negative
  8. C Program to reverse a number
  9. C Program to Check Prime Number
  10. C Program to check an Armstrong Number
  11. Program to check a Palindrome Number
  12. C Program to add all the numbers of an Array
  13. Difference between C and C ++.

In this, we will be providing you all the basic knowledge of both languages which will help everyone. This will be more beneficial for persons not from a technical background.

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