Q 36: What motivates you?

Description/purpose of the question: All of us have some sources of motivation. Few people get motivated by music, few by story books etc., but what the interviewer is concerned about is how you can keep yourself motivated @ your workplace.

Common mistakes: ‘Sir, I get motivated by listening to music’. This is not at all an appropriate response. Think of a better response and examples.

Sample answer: I am a self-motivated individual. I believe if you put effort, it will improve your performance, and your improved performance will definitely help you reach your goal (the one that you always want to achieve)

During hard times also, I keep my goal in front of me and that keeps me going. I always try to learn everyday, and I try to find out solutions in the midst of every problem.

To summarize, my goal and the continuous learning process are the secrets of my motivation.

Q 37: What do you dislike about this job role?

Description/purpose of the question: To check if you have gone through the JD and have any further concerns.

Common mistakes: ‘Sir, I do not like the salary part, it will be good if the salary can be increased’. These are killer statements, please never say these types of things and try to answer in a positive way.

Sample answer: I have a passion to make sales and feel that everytime one should try and think of better ways to sell solutions or products. There is nothing that I dislike in this role. The fact that everyday there will be new customers to handle will make this job even more interesting, and once I have handled a few customers I should be able to use the best practices to drive better sales numbers.

Q 38: Which salary is better for a sales industry (a fixed or incentive based)?

Description/purpose of the question: This question will only be asked in sales and marketing interviews and companies want to check your thoughts about incentives.

Common mistakes: ‘Both should be there’. Yes, right but please share the reasons as well.

Sample answer: I think the salary should contain both the components.

People should get the fixed component for doing their core job and completing some basic targets.

Incentives should be there to motivate the employees to go an extra mile and achieve something over and above the basic targets.

This way there will be a healthy competition to outshine each other in terms of performance which will benefit the organization as well.

Q 39: How do you respond to change?

Description/purpose of the question: Adaptability is one thing that is looked @ in every industry these days because today’s technology might become obsolete in the upcoming years, and we might have to learn something new. This question is to check your thoughts about the dynamic changes that happen in the field of science and technology every day.

Common mistakes: ‘I respond to change very quickly’. Please share reasons and possible examples where you had changed yourself and got better results.

Sample answer: Change is the only constant thing, but everyone is resistant to changes. This is because we do not like changes, and do things the way we have been doing even though they might not have been the best ways of doing things.

However, if we believe in continuous improvement, learning, challenge conventional ways of doing things and stay focused on what we want to achieve, I do not think that it becomes very difficult to accept changes.

If you spend 10 to 20% of your day on self-development, I do not think it becomes a huge challenge to keep yourself at par with the latest technologies. With so many things happening in the field of technology nowadays, it becomes essential to explore the opportunities regularly and keep upgrading yourself else these opportunities get converted to threats, and one becomes obsolete in his own domain even.

Q 40: How do you describe your work ethic?

Description/purpose of the question: To check your attitude and behavior and if you will be a good resource if hired.

Common mistakes: ‘Sir, I am honest and loyal’. Please elaborate and give examples.

Sample answer: 1: Work with integrity and respect everyone: One has to be honest in his work and should treat everyone with respect. As a leader if you are not honest, and if you do not respect people, you cannot expect it from your team members. You have to lead from the front. As a team member if you see that other team members are using unfair means to get desired results, you should act as a whistle-blower. All these are essential to keep the environment lively and ethical.

2: Demonstrate a sense of team-work and responsibility: If you have committed something to your client, you should fulfill it. You should be aware of your roles and responsibilities, and deliver asper the expectations and as per the assigned tasks. At times there will be emergencies, you should jump in to help your team and behave like a true team-player.

3: No compromise on quality of work: It is always a great idea to foster relationships @ your workplace so that the work-environment becomes a synergetic one, but never @ the cost of quality of work. Quality can never be compromised as quality means business. Once it starts to deteriorate, it tarnishes the brand image, eventually customers start looking for better partners, and suddenly we realize that we are out of the competition.


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