Q 16: Did you ever have a conflict with your current/previous boss or professor?

Description/purpose of the question: 1: To check if you run away from conflicts or you take proper steps to resolve conflicts.

Common mistakes: 1: Do not say, ‘ sir, I have never come across any conflict.’ This response will not be accepted as all of us face conflicts while working in teams.

Sample answer: Conflicts are a part of every team due to the diverse nature of human beings. We should not run away from conflicts, rather we should use effective techniques to manage them, and conflicts are not bad as they give rise to creativity, better problem solving and decision making.

I never had any major conflicts, but very recently, I had a conflict with one of my professors about a common problem in our core subject. Now in case of conflict management, there are a couple of factors that result in effective conflict resolution. People have to be assertive as well as cooperative in order to come up with the best resolution (win-win). (” Explain the scenario with an example”). Initially, I was a little scared about the outcome, but gradually I developed self-confidence, and was able to logically present my resolution which was agreed and accepted. That was a morale booster for me, and now I think I am good at conflict management.

Q 17: Do you know anyone who works for us?

Description/purpose of the question: 1: To check if you have done your homework (in case you have your seniors working in the organization, you are expected to get inputs from them as well apart from doing your regular research work from the company website.)

Common mistakes: ‘ No sir, I do not have anyone whom I know’. In case you really do not know anyone, this response is fine.

Sample answer: I have a couple of seniors named (“mention names”) who are already working for your organization.

I must say that they have been wonderful ambassadors always talking great about your organization.

I have already spoken to them on many occasions, and I already know the do’s and don’ts in your organization. I have realized that if you have a goal in front of you and if you work hard, this organization will provide a great platform to make a wonderful career.

Q 18: How are you today?

Description/purpose of the question: 1: At times this can also be the first question, and it acts as an icebreaker just to make you feel comfortable during the interview process.

2: Please avoid using negative points as this might spoil your entire interview process. If you start it on a negative note, companies might become reluctant in hiring you as they would think that you have a complaining attitude. Try to have a smile on your face and start everything on a positive note.

3: Remember to say ‘thank you’ to the interviewer and also ask him in return ‘how he is doing’.

Common mistakes: ‘ Sir I am not good’.

Sample answer: Sir, I am fine, thank you. I am very excited about today as I always wanted to be a part of a MNC like yours. Today I have got this chance to prove myself, and make my dream come true.

How are you doing sir?

Q 19: What according to you would be an ideal company to join?

Description/purpose of the question: To check your career objective. Company officials also want to check if your goals & objectives can be fulfilled by the company.

Common mistakes: Many people tend to say ‘sir, I think Microsoft will be an ideal company to join’. Please do not mention the name of any specific company and also avoid a one liner answer.

Sample answer: I think an ideal company is one that manages customers, employees, technology and CSR in the best possible way. Managing customers effectively will make them happy. This will result in business expansion resulting in more opportunities and happy employees.

Managing employees effectively will make them happy as well. This will result in better work environment, better performance and in turn happy customers.

Thus they are complementary to each other.

Companies should also devote resources and time towards technology and innovation to keep themselves at par with the changes. This is absolutely essential as companies have to change the way they operate depending on the advancement of technology. If a competitor has implemented a change, and is able to offer better service, the others will start losing business, no matter how great their customer service was earlier.

In the field of CSR, companies should always contribute either towards people or planet. The companies may take up different projects like teaching underprivileged or ensuring safe drinking water in villages etc. from time to time.

Q 20: Tell us about a problem that you had solved earlier and what technique did you use?

Description/purpose of the question: To check your problem solving skills as you might not be able to implement your learnings directly @ your workplace, rather you will be able to utilize your gained knowledge by solving problems.

Common mistakes: ‘Sir, I was not great in a particular subject in my college. I prepared well, and got good marks in my semester exams’. These are very generic answers and no approach is being explained over here. Company officials actually want to check your approach. If you have a standard approach in solving problems, you will be able to solve any problem whether it is a simple or a complex one.

Sample answer: Sir, I try to follow a standard approach as mentioned below while solving problems.

Step 1: Identify the problem

Step2: Identify the root cause [You can talk about cause and effect diagram, i.e. all problems are caused by any one or all of the 6 Ms (man, material, machine, measurement, method and Mother Nature)

Step3: Find out all the possible solutions

Step 4: Find out the best solution and implement it on a small scale

Step 5: Periodic review to check if the solution is actually giving desired results

Step 6: Implement the solution completely in case desired results were obtained on a smaller scale

Try to give an example in case you have solved any such problem in your college life.


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