Q 46: Who is your role model and what all have you learnt from him/her?

Description/purpose of the question:

To check your values and what all have you learned from your role model. You can give an example, but try to think of one that can be related to your job role.

Common mistakes:

‘Sir, my role model is M.S. Dhoni’. It is ok to say this, but please give examples of what you have learned from him, and how you implement them in your real life.

However, please do not say that I have learnt how to bat in difficult situations as that does not have any relevance to the job role for which you are applying.

Sample answer:

My role model is my mother. I have learned how to keep my mind under control even in tough situations. I think that is crucial in every situation of life and will help me a lot in the corporate sector. In the corporate sector, every day will not be as per my primary plan, and I will have to think of backup plans to handle situations in the best possible way.

While dealing with all these, if you are tensed and nervous, you will not be able to take the best decisions, and your work will surely get impacted. People call this emotional intelligence, and a person who has a high EQ is expected to do well in every situation. He is not emotionally hijacked during tense situations, he can think calmly, and finally take the best decision.

To summarize, I have learnt all these from my mother, and will try to implement these in every sphere of life.

Q 47: If you won a lottery, would you still work?

Description/purpose of the question:

To find out the different factors that motivate you in a job.

Common mistakes:

1: Do not say that you will stop working and start your own business.

2: Do not say that this will never happen as you have been given a scenario, and you have to say what you will do in such a situation.

Sample answer:

I will still continue to work as money is not the only motivation for me. I will get fantastic exposure while working over here, there are so many new things to learn, so much diversity, and all these will drive me over here even if I get a lottery.

I agree that money is always the biggest motivator, and that ways I will have a secure future, but I will still continue to work as I never wanted to be a part of a corporate giant like yours only for money but also for other factors as mentioned above.

Q 48: How do your friends describe you?

Description/purpose of the question:

1: To check if you are a good team player and can get along with people.

2: Please try to show a correlation between the self-identified strengths, and the strengths that your friends highlight as if certain things are your strengths, then they will be spoken about by everyone. For e.g., while talking about your strengths, if you say that you are good @ problem solving, decision making and computer applications, then your friends should also say nice things about those qualities. This is important as very often we have a false impression that we are good in certain things even when we are actually not. Try to give examples why your friends say positive things about you.

Common mistakes:

‘My friends say that I am very jolly by nature’.

Sample answer:

My friends consider me to be a technical expert in the field of computer applications. They also say that I am approachable, I am good @ problem-solving & decision making, and above all, I am a fun-loving person who knows when and how to strike a proper balance between his personal and professional life.

I am lucky to have friends who not only talk about my positives, but also share feedback about my improvement areas in a constructive way. I take this sportingly, and I always try to improve my weaknesses.

Q 49: How much would you rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10?

Description/purpose of the question:

To check your self-awareness and your self-assessment. Often we say that we are great at something, but in reality, we do not do that well, and this shows that we cannot assess our own selves properly.

Common mistakes:

‘Sir, I will give myself a 6 or 7’. Please give solid reasons for any rating.

Sample answer:

The qualities needed for this job role are

Expertise in my core subject

Good at time management

Good team player

I would like to rate myself separately for all these qualities. I think I deserve a 7 or a 8 in my technical area.

I did not have any technical knowledge in this subject earlier, however have made a lot of progress by developing myself. I have really worked hard, tried to spend extra hours, have attended industrial training and seminars to develop this knowledge. Earlier I could answer very few questions in class, in exams & while attending online question papers; however, with the course of time, I found that I was able to answer 70 to 80% of the questions that were being asked. This did not happen overnight. I had to constantly review myself. As I mentioned earlier, initially I was possible @ a 2 or 3 as I could only answer 20% of the questions, then I started putting efforts in a proper way. I got results after 3 months and found that I was able to answer 50% of the questions, and after putting this consistent effort for 6 months I reached my target of 80% that I had set for myself as it is difficult to be a perfect 10. This boosted up my confidence and the goal that appeared to be a distant dream in the initial days appears to be within reach now.

Q 50: Tell us something about your achievements?

Description/purpose of the question:

All of us have some achievements or the other, but we are hesitant to showcase them. Please feel proud while talking about your achievement even though it may not be a major one, but say something that will be relevant to the job role.

Common mistakes:

‘Sir, I do not have any achievement’.

Sample answer:

I was not that great in my soft skills, however, after joining this college I understood the importance of soft skills in order to get a job. I realized that it was my development area. I started going through online content, regularly attended soft skills classes, participated in all the seminars, tried to always learn from the best performers, and today I can say that I possess good soft skills that are very much essential to succeed in my career. I think I was successful in identifying my weakness, preparing an action plan to achieve my goal, and developing myself. Today I can say that succeeding at every step of this journey is an achievement.

I also developed my practical know-how and hands-on experience of my core subjects after attending the industrial training (“mention the name and also explain the key learnings”). I also gained a lot of self-confidence after presenting in seminars like (“seminar name”). All these gave me a lot of exposure to public speaking, and also a kind of demo of how people work in the industries. These have helped me a lot as now I have a very nice blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.

To summarize, the entire campus to corporate journey has been a memorable one starting from goal identification, preparation of action plan, continuous development and finally coming close to the desired output, I consider all these to be significant achievements although they might appear to be small to others, and all these will surely help me achieve more and more in future.



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